Distant Familiarity


I like them odds. …NASA scientists announced that they have spotted seven Earth-sized planets orbiting closely around a small, ultra-cool star. The star is 39 light years away. It is the first time that so many Earth-sized planets have been

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Future Contained


Ah, the future… Scientists in Boston have found a way to get every last drop of ketchup out of the bottle. They have developed a coating that makes bottle interiors super slippery. The coating can also be used to make

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Benefit or Cost?


A challenge emerges when dealing with the ‘all benefit, no cost’ people and equally with their metaphorical sibling, the ‘all cost, no benefit’ people. Nobody should be surprised when a world dominated by spun crap results in an excessively crappy

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Nature’s Teamwork


Many shots were taken yesterday (a rarity), so that’s why I went with three posts today. The shot above needs no explanation (at least imho). On a side note (for those keeping track — if anyone — of my swan

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Contrasting Reflections


I love the contrasting look of snowy branches. Not that there is anyway that I could know this (purely left to speculation), but if you are into psychedelics that fittingly apply cool visuals (while still keeping you at least somewhat

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Snow Lick


Okay, we need to lick up all that snow. Who’s with me? What? No takers? I cringe at the thought of a followup video of yours truly on all fours passionately promoting such an insane idea. Of course, my dialog

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Contemplative Lake


Since time is experimentally proven to be spatial, nobody can ever truly be late. The shot above was taken a few days ago, but apparently it remains righteous enough to share it now. Astute observers of my journal may correlate

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