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Positivity for My Friend

A good friend of mine miraculously survived a terrible car accident, and he is in surgery now as I write this.   Please mentally and/or spiritually send him your best wishes (prayers and/or such) for his healthiest recovery.   If

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50% Off for One Day

I use Zazzle to sell my merchandise (just shirts for now), but they are typically expensive, because they are one-offs (thankfully no inventory management). So when a sale of 30% or higher happens to bring the price within reason (with

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Missing Stars of Reason?

The views of this journal thankfully pop by, but the stars are usually sadly missing to leave a dark sky. If you disagree with my carefully established position on anything, then please feel free to drop a comment to justify

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Healthier Information Flow

If you’re like me, you’re probably flooded with information streams (news feeds, email, etc.) As a responsible entertainer, my publication discipline respects that inundation for community benefit. As some of my posts can be lengthy (although 2,000 words is always

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200 Likes presented a nice trophy icon for reaching 200 likes here. Sincere thanks (and likes) right back at those of ya responsible for this honor. I always love to know what you like. Always feel free to mutually constructively chime

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2015 On Record

“The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.” — Thank you (to and my beloved audience) for your involvement in 2015. I assure you every effort to improve our community will occur even

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Thankyouness State

Thank you for your connection with yours truly. As we’re all seamlessly flowing with the energetic river of time towards our Thanksgiving holiday (and perhaps feeling the rippling effects from that holiday back through time), I choose November 23 to

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