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200 Likes presented a nice trophy icon for reaching 200 likes here. Sincere thanks (and likes) right back at those of ya responsible for this honor. I always love to know what you like. Always feel free to mutually constructively chime

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2015 On Record

“The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.” — Thank you (to and my beloved audience) for your involvement in 2015. I assure you every effort to improve our community will occur even

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Thankyouness State

Thank you for your connection with yours truly. As we’re all seamlessly flowing with the energetic river of time towards our Thanksgiving holiday (and perhaps feeling the rippling effects from that holiday back through time), I choose November 23 to

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Quality Care Here for You

Meticulous by nature, I am “growing” (with a friendly nod to my cannabis appreciation) posts for your (preferably positive) reading input. Several posts exist in draft form, but I refuse to force publication prematurely to conform against the wonderfully organic

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Our Future is Now and More Stuff

This journal (cough blog — excuse me) is an experimental exploration, and I responsibly have no idea what form it will ever take (and nor do I want to know). That last parenthetical deserves clarification… We (i.e. those of us

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Reblog Thanks

“HUSH for Rush” ( has been reblogged, consequently with my gratitude. The responsible source for that blogging echo is: From Mr. Carr’s “About Me” page… “My aim with this blog is to bring together as many people worldwide, to

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Hello Reality

Consumed by enormous pressure, this first post must deliver the greats. The greats are subjective, so (thankfully) too is the pressure.

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