Our Story of the Hopeful

My mom has been doing a great job dealing with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) since at least 2009 — when formal and extensive testing confirmed that conclusion.

I was not present for that test (living independently then), and my mom withheld that conclusion from yours truly for protection.

As her personal caregiver, I entered the scene around 2013, and we confirmed that diagnosis with another neurologist. It was a 1.5 hour long testing session, where the neurologist confirmed the 2009 result for me (she had access to relevant notes on her computer), but oddly could not confirm the AD stage number (for the uninitiated, stage numbers 1-7 determine AD severity), because testing revealed that my mom should not even be capable of reasonably accurately engaging in the conversation that we were having with the neurologist.

Two things apparently worsened those test results. My mom (a strongly independent woman) was seriously discomforted by believing that she was going to be forced into a nursing home as a result of that test, so she was terribly nervous, which likely negatively affected the results. She was also regularly taking Lorazepam as prescribed by her former doctor — a drug that we thankfully removed soon thereafter to noticeably improve her mental health.

According to my best observation, she usually experiences mild AD with some moderate spikes.

We have been living together as best we can since then.

We are both doing well under the powerfully challenging circumstances, including my mom thankfully remaining largely independent, but we clearly need the help of enough good people to promptly improve our situation against the soon-approaching dire one.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in music synthesis and production at Berklee College of Music, I worked in computer technology (i.e. information technology initially, followed by web design and development) for roughly two decades as a backup to what has naturally become my life’s work as a responsible entertainer.

Ample evidence of my meticulous dedication over the decades to that entertaining role is available online in the form of ample content freely open for anyone’s exploration. You would likely be surprised by how much meticulously crafted content I have made publicly available (people could probably spend at least one lifetime studying it both amusingly and seriously).

In addition to the unhealthy stress finally threatening to break me (to the point literally requiring mental institutional support) from professionally giving my best in the area of computer technology (i.e. I am clearly not cut out to be a professional computer technologist), I chose to become my mom’s personal caregiver, so she has someone close enough to her during probable mental decline to better support her (e.g. learn her constant adaptations to help her communicate with health professionals, and so on) — I am the only one positioned to exercise that caring role in her case.

We are on a cutting-edge and necessarily cost-saving approach to deal with AD.

After careful research and consideration, we decided to replace her traditional pharmaceuticals (and avoid ones specific towards AD) with medical cannabis (a.k.a. marijuana — if unclear).

Cannabis is scientifically suggested to have neuroprotective and neurogenerative properties (among many other health benefits), which has thankfully halted any obvious sign of permanently further mental decline in her case, but has not completely healed her of the damage already done.

Critically understand that just saying cannabis use is much too vague, as there are basically countless ways to use (or abuse) this amazing plant (experience our Respect Cannabis campaign for much more information regarding this subject).

Reasonably specifically, my mom mildly and electronically vaporizes a small leafy pinch of a strain called Cheese (which I informally call the composure strain) — one puff in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Just prior to bedtime, she vapes two puffs of whatever suitable nighttime strain available (currently Granddaddy Purple).

My mom does not desire the recreational effects of cannabis, but she has no problem with the simplistic, mild, and nice medicinal effects experienced via our innovative methodology.

Cannabis is one major defense, but more is apparently needed.

Tremendously fortunately, a good friend of ours recommended a book authored by her client (this was during the Fall of 2016, for those of you keeping track of the timeline) — a Harvard biochemist authoring “Prevent Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Stroke” (Amazon).

Anyone dealing with AD should buy that book immediately, and start following the instructions therein.

The book includes a Sherlock Holmes style of thorough scientific reasoning to conclude that aluminum toxicity in people with a certain predisposition is highly probably the cause of AD.

While we have yet to remove all sources of such toxicity (high-blood pressure medicine with aluminum, and refined salt exposed to aluminum both apparently being largely the remaining issues), great advances have been made in our case, and at the very least — we can gratefully repeat that no obvious and permanent mental decline has been observed.

Opposing aluminum toxicity is our second major defense.

The third major defense of our health approach is simply implementing a righteous stress management plan that optimally fits her lifestyle.

She gets plenty of exercise daily (loves to walk a lot), and generally eats and drinks healthily (although we are both frankly doing our best to deal with a bit of a carb addiction).

She has done an excellent job maintaining a responsible approach to life, and I need to ensure that she has whatever resources in time, energy, and money to maximize that excellence — but those resources are woefully insufficient on the financial front.

While eliminating AD is obviously preferable (and maybe even possible, if not probable, with proper support), my mom’s apparent success against further permanent mental decline is an inspiration worthy of sharing in hopes of helping at least some of the millions of other people suffering from this deadly crippling disease.

Please help us share our story in order to fulfill that wonderful goal.

I lovingly dedicate the Stress Health entertainment ecosystem (which includes the Respect Cannabis campaign fwiw) to my mom, and rely upon financial contributions by generous people (preferably including you) to keep us running smoothly enough to help us make similar contributions to our community.

If you feel nicely compelled to financially support our positive and balancing exercise, then please feel free to visit the Buy page at the official Stress Health website to simply get started.

After careful consideration, I strongly believe in the ‘street entertainer’ model of financial reward for the hard work that goes into my (sometimes our) artistic results.

We publish our art completely for free public access (so everyone can easily access and preferably benefit from it), while providing (and respectfully encouraging the use of) simple options for our audience to financially sustain our naturally high-quality pursuit.

That model importantly best separates the natural adherence to our muse — a result that can be (inclusively wildly) unpredictable, but one that we rely firmly upon for optimal artistic quality for the benefit of our audience — from the understandable demands by our audience for constant and consistent content publication.

Instead of using Patreon, for prime example, which has a floor of $1 monthly during this authoring, we offer a simple $1 yearly subscription via PayPal — while believing our muse naturally provides our beloved audience at least $1 yearly of value simply due to the natural simmer of our entertainment contribution during that timespan (i.e. we would have to try seriously hard to avoid supplying that small amount of yearly value).

Logically speaking, anyone can benefit from Stress Health, and basically anyone can afford $1 yearly (only about $.08 monthly), so that subscription option alone should be highly fruitful — considering that even about 1/7th of that global group lands us within billionaire status (something we most certainly do not need nor desire, but would do our very best to invest those excess resources properly for society, if that serious popularity comes to fruition).

Stress Health music (a major part of the Stress Health entertainment ecosystem) comes in two forms simply informally called work and rest. Work is designed for healthy workouts, while rest is designed for healthy (including meditative) “restins” — although rest also works well for Yoga workouts.

For those of you who feel wonderfully compelled to offer more than $1 yearly of a financial reward for our sincere dedication to healthier living for us all, Stress Health music can be purchased at any price that you desire at the popular online music retailer known as Bandcamp. Casually note that we also publish some Stress Health music for availability at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and so on.

Those two financial contribution options are simple, and give our audience maximum flexibility towards their amply appreciated reciprocation for our hard work.

We responsibly promptly need your financial support now to prevent the aforementioned dire situation, so please act now.

This story may be updated to ensure optimal accuracy, so please feel free to stay tuned in with our ongoing story of the hopeful. For your convenience, I publish a yearly post around the beginning of the year as a journalistic beat for our publication groove.

On behalf of us both and our growing Stress Health community, we truly appreciate any support that we receive from you, and promise to sincerely do our very best to ensure that any money received is properly invested towards community strengthening (obviously including optimally sharing our tale of AD opposition).

After all, there is no righteous point in surviving without that investment.

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