Reality Waveform Theory

Reality Waveform Theory logoReality Waveform Theory (RWT) fully logically describes the basics of reality (including the sole base pattern of reality), so logically constitutes the genuine theory of everything (nothing, and the basics of something).

The grounded and unspun logic of RWT comes from a pure exercise (albeit from an odd angle) of the scientific method.

In other words, RWT is authored for scientists and science enthusiasts, so strictly conforms to the scientific method — i.e. no pseudo/junk science, and not philosophical, despite any appearance to the contrary.

The fact is literally no experimental science conflicts with RWT.

Scientists probably see the word “Spirit” in the name of this journal as a red flag, so promptly injecting a fully logical definition of spirit is sensible. This theory includes reality being pure energy (at least based upon the fullest application of mainstream science during this authoring). Logically speaking, a spirit is an energy signature modulating in a way prompting some sense of familiarity, but extends beyond full conscious grasp.

Stunned to learn that any complex sonic result is completely formed by combinations of sine waves, this Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in music synthesis hypothesized that a sine wave is a microcosm of an equally simple pattern solely needed to form any aspect of reality.

After almost two decades of educational exposure to scientific documentaries — as publicly taught by Dr. Brian Cox, Dr. Brian Greene, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Carl Sagan, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, and many other brilliant individuals within those scientific circles — all scientific signs (and sines) point to the sine wave actually being the sole base pattern of reality.

To secure public interest in science, a group of scientists leverage the strong power of entertainment. In response, this entertainer (and obviously part of that public) is purely scientifically combining their scientific results with the remaining logic necessary to help society secure the genuine theory of everything that has been strongly sought after for generations.

For clarity, it helps to first list the logical parts constituting RWT. To provide a better sense regarding how this theory came to exist, the list is separated into two main categories; one is commonly expressed conclusions in well-established scientific documentaries, and the other contains purely logical constructs basically uncommonly expressed.

Prominent Scientific Documentary Conclusions

1. Pure Energy

The equation E=mc² reveals that although mass and energy can be used distinctly for the sake of utility, they are ultimately the same (mass is condensed energy).

Moreover, some physicists theorize (e.g. string theory) that a subatomic particle is energy.

2. Wave-Particle Duality

Wave-particle duality in quantum physics concludes that particles act as waves.

3. Time is Spatial

Time is an experimentally proven dimension of space.

4. No Realized Linearity

No purely straight line objectively exists.

Everything is curvy — or wavy when necessarily considering that energy never settles, at least from humanity’s perspective (e.g. all proclaimed settled objects on Earth are flying around the sun).

To clarify by example, even if one draws a straight line on a computer display, zooming far enough into the pixels forming that line eventually shows only curvature.

Other Completely Logical Constructs

1. Sine Wave

Each complex sound (i.e. any sound more complex than a single sine wave) consists solely of sine waves.

There is a fundamental sine wave that usually establishes the dominant pitch of a complex sound via amplitude dominance, and one or more overtones (each a sine wave).

Varying the number of overtones, and/or frequency and/or amplitude of any of them, changes the sound.

Importantly note that a sine wave can additionally modulate frequency, amplitude, and the number of overtones (i.e. a sine wave can modulate another sine wave’s properties, and can also modulate the number of existing sine waves).

No reason prevents this sinusoidal purity from existing in literally any form of energy (so not just sound).

2. No Objective Boundary

All known conscious beings draw mental boundaries for distinction.

That drawing is necessary, because survival (e.g. identifying food, and so on) as a being within reality is impossible otherwise. More specifically, scientists have to form boundaries, because scientific leverage would also be impossible otherwise.

However, scrutiny at the quantum level reveals that no boundary objectively exists.

Any boundary is purely subjective, based upon quantum physics — which describes the subatomic particle realm as a “quantum foam” with “fuzzy” particle distinction, and at least the brilliant Dr. Edward Witten (founder of M Theory, if unclear) described a particle as a “blur”.

Only the physical structure in the brain that generates those boundaries objectively exists, and that structure is pure energy.

3. Total Physicality

There is no scientific evidence that proves any aspect of reality, including the overwhelming majority of it beyond human perception (at times categorized as mental or spiritual) is anything but physical.

4. Indestructible Reality

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, according to a law of physics.

As time is a spatial dimension, all moments (past, present, and future) exist simultaneously as one spatial moment — this one.

Experiencing reality (e.g. reading this) logically means that reality has not been destroyed in any future place, because destroying reality in the future negates experiencing reality now (as time is spatial).

5. Balance

Literally every system that humanity has ever encountered (living or not) requires balance for stability.

Due to the modulating nature of reality (i.e. modulation includes a balancing act between negative and positive peak amplitudes), the law of physics stating that every action is an opposite and equal reaction, and the absence of any science even suggesting the possibility that any system can be unbalanced yet stable, the scientific conclusion is reality (i.e. the system of existence itself) also requires balance for stability.

Assembling the Parts (the actual theory)

Reality is an unimaginably complex waveform of energy (or Reality Waveform, or even R Wave for simpler communication) from humanity’s perspective.

That ending phrase warrants an aside about objectivity. There is objective reality from any possible perspective (i.e. the absence of perspective), but there is also a pseudo-objectivity equal to humanity’s perspective (i.e. no human being can honestly perceive a result differently). The latter demonstrably has scientific validity, while scientists can only acknowledge the possibility that actuality deviates from that perspective.

As no reason exists to believe that energy waveforms are not solely comprised of sine waves, the sole base pattern of the reality waveform is the sine wave — e.g. a galaxy, or any relatively huge such, and any subatomic particle “meet” at the sine wave.

Logic concludes that each half of a sine wave cycle is identical with the only difference being positive or negative pressure — importantly noting positive and negative are relative, as confirmed simply by turning the waveform or the observer upside down — so one can scientifically argue that semi-sinusoidal pressure is the sole base pattern of reality.

However, this theory works with the full sine wave cycle as the sole base pattern simply for communication and illustrative purposes — i.e. avoiding having to constantly say semi-sinusoidal pressure[s] or coin a new term, and illustrating that a sine wave cycle is readily informative in terms of understanding the key basic elements of that pattern. Those elements are negative dominance, positive dominance, and balance dominance — altogether forming the most basic, harmonious tripolar “superbalance” that every system needs for sustainment.

The shape of that pressure is relative (shape always requires relativity).

There is no objective boundary separating anyone or anything, so an individual (living or not) is a modulating (when the human perception of time is included) energy signature with purely subjective boundaries.

Any hard-line separation (used solely for communication purposes herein) must be taken with consideration of the subjectivity of that separation.

Inclusively, there is no objective boundary separating space from the energy within it, so space is energy.

As everything is physical, all information is physical, so all information modulates as well. That includes any property/action modulating in all possible ways as a seamless part of the reality waveform. For example, the language within thoughts (including intentions, decisions, hopes, and so on) is a seamless part of the reality waveform.

An unimaginable number of sine waves exist from humanity’s perspective.

Each sine wave is an energy current with combinations of them at times forming larger energy currents (including self-similarity).

Dissonance from competing energy currents (e.g. hot air meeting cold air) result in more chaotic currents (more dissonance equals more chaos), while harmony from non-competing energy currents provides the opposite. As dissonance and harmony are both completely constructed of sine waves, dissonance and harmony are subjective (e.g. a popularly harmonious music style that sounds dissonant due to cultural unfamiliarity).

Note that two opposing currents stacked atop each other are not separated by a hard-line. Analyzing perpendicularly to those currents, one witnesses a gradual decrease in flow strength from one current to a gradual increase in flow strength in the opposite direction — i.e. one witnesses another sine wave or a more complex waveform capable of being reduced to a pure set of sine waves.

The notion of reality’s creation (i.e. initial waveform generation) is senseless. To clarify, one can ask the nonsensical question, “What existed before existence?”, or “What exists outside of existence?”, which is similar to asking, “What is north of the North Pole?”

Since no experimental science proves that any boundary objectively exists, that the same degree of scientific application has so far avoided showing any objective edge of reality, and existing outside of existence makes no sense, the ultimate scope is boundless.

Creation and destruction are actions forming subjectively dominating positive and negative modulations of energy.

Although this universe (defined as subjectively distinct within the multiverse in this case) does not have a steady state (as once proposed until sufficient evidence supported an alternative form), the reality waveform does.

That conclusion is reinforced by the corresponding law of physics stating that energy cannot be created nor destroyed (only the energy type can be changed in conformance with the modulating needs of the reality waveform – e.g. from potential to kinetic energy).

The human brain forms the illusion of motion, but as time is a spatial dimension, all events actually occur simultaneously (there is no actual motion), so reality is only one moment — this one.

That includes an inconceivably enormous amount of future energy constructs physically rippling towards (actually curved towards without motion) and seamlessly affecting the present and past, relatively speaking.

As space is energy, all spatial possibilities curve/ripple energy in all possible ways to form the spatial present seamlessly from humanity’s perspective (including the dominant resonance of space-time).

As dimensionality is energy, the number of dimensions modulates in all possible ways, so common dimensional possibilities are not distinctively linearly formed — i.e. there can be no fixed and limited number of dimensions in a boundless reality. In short, the number of identifiable dimensions is contingent upon context (again, with the four dimensions of space-time dominating the human context during this authoring).

Forces of energy occur at any scale, and scale itself modulates. Such energy results (resonating and interfering to create dominating energy waves) are applied towards the energy constructs called brains to form decisions within an energy flow conforming to that domination.

Importantly note that no objective boundary means there is no actual boundary between the four fundamental forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force) scientifically accepted as the only known forces during this authoring — i.e. while individuals draw boundaries for utility as an ironic part of the flow of energy, those boundaries only exist in whatever subjectively defined energy construct (e.g. brain, computer, and so on) expressing that existence.

A single cycle of a sine wave demonstrates the law of physics stating that every action is an opposite and equal reaction. As time is spatial, causality does not actually exist (which is why the laws of physics work regardless of the direction of the arrow of time), so there is no causality violation against that law in this case. Moreover, that law requires multiple objects (e.g. a person pushes a wall that simultaneously “pushes” back), so seems to be violated by the single sine wave cycle being only one object. However, there is no objective boundary between objects (i.e. multiple is subjective), so no such violation occurs in this case.

As size is relative, and there is no way to exist outside of existence to measure its size, reality has no objective size. Without boundaries, reality also has no objectively central point.

Nothing must become something in any expression, because mentally working towards an expressible conclusion requires mental grasping, and applying that grasp to genuinely nothing is logically impossible. In other words, any effect from mentally working with supposedly nothing undeniably renders that supposed nothing as something. Everything is equal in that regard (i.e. mentally grasping supposedly everything renders that supposed everything as merely something), because one cannot be outside of everything to grasp it.

The utility from not-quite-accurately representing nothing and everything are relative directions towards those perceived destinations. To clarify, if one party travels towards everything (the largest scope of the reality waveform) and another party travels towards nothing (the tiniest scope of the reality waveform), they will logically meet upon arrival at their destination – the present (because reality has no objective size, nor central point, and time is a spatial dimension). In other words, nothing and everything are objectively the same undefinable extreme.

No resonance within reality logically equals reality (everything) “resonates”, so logically no resonance (nothing).

That last conclusion confuses anyone who draws a mental boundary separating themselves from the rest of reality, while actively mentally trying to understand reality — i.e. as part of the reality waveform, their focus causes a resonance conflicting with everything/nothing “resonating”. To understand that conclusion, one must successfully conduct the No Boundaries experiment (which is documented below) to maximally experience the reality waveform “resonance”.

The seamless boundary between subjectivity and objectivity itself modulates, and when it modulates towards subjectivity (e.g. an observation), an energy signature as defined by that subjectivity is an experience by a being within reality.

The tiniest modulating pressure towards subjectivity starts a resonance within reality. The stronger the focus/subjectivity, obviously the stronger the resonance.

Completely mentally grasping reality is the extreme of subjectivity amplification, but because reality is boundless, and infinite amplitude is impossible without breaking a waveform (e.g. the reality waveform), modulation must interfere as needed to sustain reality’s perfect stability.

Working to completely understand reality always ultimately fails, because subjectivity amplification inevitably increases the objectivity-versus-subjectivity tension to the point of futility against that worker (like mass trying to travel at the speed of light), and the necessary consequent release contributes to reality’s stability (i.e. the reality waveform wins any conflict).

The ‘standing wave end points’ of the fundamental reality waveform sine wave (actually the only sine wave due to the boundless nature of reality) are everything and nothing (i.e. the same undefinable extreme), but a human being perceives that undefinable extreme as a complexly modulating ocean of energy, because each human being is a seamless part of the reality waveform, so a seamless part of that undefinable extreme (i.e. perception is the energy effect from a set of limits due to subjectivity amplification).

In other words, reality equals all possibilities, and that necessarily includes the supreme balance of all possibilities for reality’s demonstrable stability. Balancing phase inversion must be a part of that balance, and results in supreme phase cancellation (a.k.a. destructive interference in physics), which results fittingly in reality objectively being an undefinable extreme.

Sine waves are mathematical (e.g. trigonometry), so math within this theory comes in the form of complete sinusoidal application (waveform mathematics).

However, sinusoidal shaping (e.g. factoring in oceanic dimensionality) is more complex than current mathematical availability, so an improvement of mathematical sinusoidal application is needed in the name of improving our understanding of sinusoidal shaping.

Since rigidity is only an illusion caused by curves lengthy (or tiny) enough to be perceived as perfectly smooth (e.g. the Earth was once wrongfully considered flat), rigid mathematical constructs (i.e. complex informational waveforms seamlessly part of the reality waveform) are problematic due to that rigidity, and inevitably lead to the aforementioned tension caused by subjectivity amplification — where that rigidity conflicts with pursuing further understanding beyond that rigidity (e.g. at the point where mathematical application breaks into a misfitting infinity).

As mathematical constructs are always relatively complex informational waveforms seamlessly modulating within the reality waveform (i.e. more complex than a sine wave), the formula of this theory can only be expressed as a sine wave cycle, so not a mathematical equation.

Computer simulations solely relying upon sine wave combinations (called additive synthesis) within controlled environments (with experimental validation possible by sufficiently matching the results of those simulations with actual changes in energy outside of those simulations) better teaches how reality works within the human vicinity.

The only limit occurs when additive synthesis itself conflicts with the reality waveform in the form of the aforementioned tension and release from subjectivity amplification.

That is when the No Boundaries experiment (i.e. the epitome of that release) completes understanding.

No Boundaries Experiment

Since you are the subject of this experiment, this explanation is conveniently directed towards you.

As boundaries separating objects do not objectively exist, the boundary separating you from everybody and everything else is subjective.

You may conduct this experiment to best experience the supremely powerful oneness of that conclusion, but only if reality permits — i.e. the ability to perform this experiment requires you to temporarily rest your brain to avoid subjectivity amplification, which is not always allowable by reality.

As balance is basically synonymous with stability (and stability is necessary for survival), healthy work must be balanced with healthy rest. If you choose to conduct this experiment, then you must find a safe place in tune with that latter healthily restful exercise.

This experiment requires accomplishing three steps with a challenge factor contingent upon your situation (e.g. workaholics find this experiment too challenging until optimal brain rest occurs for them).

Critically understand that you are not forcing your brain to accomplish these steps — which could (if not does) cause mental injury — but allowing your brain to rest into the maximum (not always complete) experience of that accomplishment.

Focusing upon your breathing may help you complete the following steps, but to truly complete this experiment, even that focus must eventually restfully disappear (i.e. breathing continues, if that fails to go without saying, but without focus).

Step One

Rest the part of your brain that is responsible for mentally processing the future.

When you complete this step, you experience no future consideration.

Step Two

Rest the part of your brain that is responsible for mentally processing the past.

When you complete this step, you feel no future nor past consideration, so just the continuous “live feed” that is the present.

Step Three

Rest the part of your brain that is responsible for drawing boundaries in the present, which includes the boundary separating you from everybody and everything else.

You experience the completion of this step, when the words “I”, “you”, and “we” (and literally everyone and everything else) effortlessly becomes synonymous.

In other words, you rest into becoming maximally one with the reality waveform.

Otherwise, you feel some lesser degree of resonance towards that supremely powerful oneness. Do not feel negative about that, because reality cannot allow everyone to always abandon subjective boundaries to resonate as one with reality, as that would obviously disrupt reality’s stability.

Trying to observe that oneness (i.e. applying subjectivity amplification) diminishes (if not ends) that sensation of oneness.

You do not need to conduct steps one and two, if you can simply successfully achieve step three, because the first two steps are inherent in step three. The first two steps simply serve to facilitate the achieving of step three.

Experiment Conclusion

Feeling the reality waveform resonance is logically complete peace, because literally no other being exists for possible conflict.

That oneness resonance makes perfect sense, because the absence of resonance within reality (i.e. no subjectivity amplification) equals reality itself resonating (i.e. all/no resonance).

Overall Conclusion

Primarily the result of hard-working scientists throughout history, RWT is dedicated to the honorable scientific community as a fitting thank you.

Without scientific progress, not only would the overwhelming majority of information leading to this theory fail to logically exist, but there would also be the absence of technology necessary to enable the reading and sharing of this theory.

The scientific method is about solving problems in a way that purely upholds rationality.

Understanding RWT does not negate problems, because problems are subjectively a physical part of the reality waveform, so the need for science continues in this key regard.

What is reality? It is objectively an undefinable extreme.

Why does reality exist? That question cannot make sense. Any answer to the question “Why?” requires definition (basically something after the word “because”), and reality objectively has no definition.

When does reality exist? It exists in the present.

Where does reality exist? It exists everywhere (synonymous with nowhere in this supreme case).

How does reality exist? Answering that question requires a process, which requires the passage of time. Since time is a spatial dimension within reality, that question cannot make sense.

With no intention or reason to be negative about it, human understanding is always relatively crude. Similar to how perception itself has evolved, as we evolve (technologically and otherwise), we refine our perception and understanding by revealing more of the logically dominating details of the human vicinity.

Spatial dimensionality is a prime example here. Humanity (at least reasonably) understands the dominating three spatial dimensions within human observation at least during this authoring, and then discovered time as a relatively special dimension.

Science is not about jumping to the discovery of all possible dimensions, but expanding the scope of human perception to logically reveal more dimensionality pertinent towards growing human understanding (i.e. more complexly understanding the shape of dimensionality relative to other modulating aspects of human experience).

RWT purely fundamentally defines humanity’s place within reality along with the basics of reality itself (including the pure sinusoidal nature of any possibility within reality), while other scientific conclusions necessarily defines (and refines) the reach of our understanding within reality (ultimately relying purely upon sinusoidal shaping).

Computer technology is apparently incapable (at least during this authoring) of having additive synthesis applied to a degree sufficiently producing all relevant parts of the scientifically popular double-slit experiment as a simulated complex energy waveform. If such technology is available, then humanity can observe (without impacting) the result of that experiment due to the pure sinusoidal nature revealing both the actuality of the unobserved and observed particle.

Overall, scientists can immediately explore additive synthesis to hopefully understand relatively simpler aspects of reality via more basic sinusoidal combinations, which apparently constitutes a healthy pathway for scientific progress.

Even without additive synthesis, RWT brings common sense to the double-slit experiment.

Wave-particle duality does not actually exist, because there is no objective particle boundary. There is a particle resonance (so a particle is still a wave) that seamlessly resonates with observational energy, and that perfectly fits with humanity’s normal scale of experience. If you observe something (e.g. these words), that focus resonates the target of your observation — i.e. resonates all of the particles forming that target.

Energetic dimensionality also apparently serves as a reasonable guide towards better understanding scientific pursuits during this authoring, such as dark energy, dark matter, gravitons, quantum entanglement, virtual particles, and/or perhaps any other unperceivable result escaping this author’s awareness.

Dark matter, dark energy, gravitons, and virtual particles may be dominantly modulating within unperceived dimensionality, while seamlessly sometimes modulating to affect perceivable results.

The entanglement of particles may be due to a physical connection that remains intact within unperceived dimensionality, even despite separating those particles by familiar distance.

With respect to uncertainty, prediction accuracy will always be limited by Chaos theory (e.g. as demonstrated during weather forecasting), but that accuracy can always be improved upon by improving the logical reach against that limit (i.e. progressively refined subjectivity amplification to the fullest extent allowable by reality).

For example, the quantization of energy does not ultimately leave reality as digital, but that digitization is a guide to shift scientific focus to discover a deeper subjective boundary of human understanding (i.e. more detailed sinusoidal shaping).

Energy quantization is also a hint towards the location of unperceived dimensionality, because the edges of quantization cannot be purely linear, and quantum physics already contains waveform mathematics that determine quantized states via the probability wave of particle realization anyway.

RWT brings String theory to the most fundamental level by basically reaching up to meet it from a grounded certainty (only one possible existence without any objective boundary, so without possible relativity at that extreme scope — i.e. an undefinable extreme).

An energetic string is a sine wave that modulates in eleven dimensions (according to M Theory, which necessitates an eleventh dimension to unite five formerly competing string theories). The frequency of that sine wave determines the identity of the net-resulting particle. Increasing the number of dimensions beyond human perception is required for the many observed differences between particle types. Eleven dimensions are required for reality to remain stable in accordance with that theory.

String theorists often describe a dimension beyond human perception as tiny and curled, as exemplified by a taut cable (perceived as a one-dimensional line from a distance) containing that tiny curl — i.e. the thickness of that cable is the curvature unseen from that distance, so allows an ant to walk around that “one dimensional” cable necessarily in another dimension unseen from that distance.

RWT deviates from String theory by the logical conclusion that dimensionality cannot be objectively rigid/linear (i.e. cannot be purely smooth — in number of dimensions, or any other relevancy).

Like the Earth appearing flat from a certain perspective, a sufficiently large spatial dimension equally appears linear too. Like the Earth not actually being flat, that dimension (e.g. one of the familiar spatial dimensions) is also actually curved over a relatively long distance.

While a particle collider is used to smash particles into pieces to better understand reality, additive synthesis can be additionally used to better understand reality by constructive means.

Additive synthesis inclusively provides a conceivable way to experimentally confirm energetic dimensionality. That includes the number of reasonably significant dimensions within an observed context. Further dimensional understanding logically produces a more complex dimensional signature (at least likely) for more accurate technological application.

The double pendulum was a mathematical mystery, until a software program designed to tackle that mystery discovered the solution. Computers (and assumably computer-enhanced humans) with that “eureka” feature should logically play a strong role in improving the detailed understanding of sinusoidal shaping.

Due to the self-similarity of sinusoidal currents, logic dictates that explorers of fractal geometry should factor in those currents with respect to the Mandelbrot set, and so on.

One of my favorite parts of RWT is the validation of Dr. Albert Einstein’s basic instincts against quantum physics — without disproving the experimentally validated areas of such physics.

The sine wave is simple and elegant, and the logical notion of modulating the overall sinusoidal volume with an undefinable extreme (i.e. sine waves exist, because observation is sinusoidal) is equally simple and elegant.

Scientific minds have only ever formed a subjective definition of life. Due to the pure and seamlessly energetic nature of reality, there can be no objective definition of life.

Consciousness (thought, desire, decision, control, experience, and so on) is ultimately energy.

In other words, life (however you define it) is ultimately an energetic wave with subjectively defined boundaries, so aptly called a life wave.

This document (more specifically a literary sculpture) went through many refinement waves (including those with some glaring and frankly embarrassing errors). Combining those refinements roughly reveals how information is energetic and better understanding is an increasingly harmonious resonance, relatively speaking. That is similar to the formation of this solar system, which started out somewhat messily (if you will), but resonated harmoniously into the planetary system that allows life to exist until that harmony decays enough.

Upon considering that information modulates in all possible ways, the overwhelming enormity of possibility and the seriously flexible nature of information itself resonates to whatever resulting (and likely currently unimaginable) accomplishments.

Science is energy.

In a nutshell, never take any boundary too seriously.

“There are some things so serious you have to laugh at them.” – Dr. Niels Bohr (Nobel Prize winning physicist)

With that “Bohrian” wisdom in mind, this author (i.e. this entertainer and science enthusiast) humbly challenges anyone to try to genuinely scientifically debunk RWT.

One apparent way to achieve that debunking is to provide just one other possibility that equally logically fits all undeniably accurate scientific conclusions and actually says something significantly different from RWT.

The other is simply proving the existence of a logical error within RWT, if it exists.

Though proponents of this theory may be forced to flee towards the metaphorical hills of artistic license, RWT at worst is a pathetic attempt by an entertainer to unintentionally basically glorify a trigonometry function, while the sine wave continues to demonstrate itself invaluably throughout understanding and mystery.

The comments section has been disabled here, but much-appreciated likes and shares have not, so please feel free to help positivity in this key regard.

However, during each March 14th (i.e. Pi Day, and Dr. Einstein’s birthday) and while able, yours truly will post a reminder resonance of the existence of RWT (an informational pulse), and I welcome any purely and genuinely scientific comments therein.

The RWave entertainment ecosystem is truly for all of us, so please feel free to righteously constructively contribute to that ecosystem in any way that fits with your entertaining informational styling.

Thank you sincerely for your attention to RWT and the RWave entertainment ecosystem built upon that theory.

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