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Liberty Against PTSD

Prompted by: Pot and PTSD: Veterans aren’t waiting on research, which worries doctors My comment there… The irrefutable fact is there’s no experimental science concluding any harm in moderate cannabis use (moderate meaning any use without objectively conclusively proven harm).

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First Time Meditative Benefit

Prompted by “What Happens When People Meditate for the First Time?”: The prompting piece is worthy of supporting for better public health, so highly recommended reading. The following is my relatively brief and seamless (and apparently probably unfamiliar) connection.

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Ban Regulations?

How would you like your law today?

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Hart of the Matter

After publishing my last post, my dad emailed me a link to Carl Hart’s high-quality TEDMED talk. That video (well worth watching, if you care about the drug addiction issue) reinforces the credibility of my last post to encompass expertise

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Black Market vs. Good Governance

Prompted by “Mexico: Cartels Declare Open Season on Candidates”: “Mexico’s drug cartels appear to have declared open season on any candidate for public office who will not toe their line in the run-up to June’s midterm elections. On May

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Real People Doing Really Wrong Things

Prompted by “It’s always the money”: “I’ve been through some government budget exercises before and it’s rather amazing how hard it can be to cut agencies’ funding – it becomes a political nightmare regarding affected jobs and communities rather

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Are You Down With LSD?

Prompted by “Odd Push in Drug-Adverse Norway: LSD is O.K.”: A mainstream media piece on LSD is always going to trigger my posting echo. “OSLO — In a country so wary of drug abuse that it limits the sale

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