What the Expletive is an Entertainment Ecosystem?

Since the internet basically began in any popular sense, as a responsible entertainer, I meticulously contemplated and slowly-but-surely realized an apparently novel approach to entertainment publication purely within the internet age.

That opposes the (at least sometimes questionably, if not outright corruptly) continued efforts by established entertainment enterprises who are forcibly retarding modern entertainment delivery against consumer demand in order to selfishly fit deprecated, pre-internet business models — rendering entertainment into an unfortunately painful transition towards online convenience and other benefits for society.

The entertainment ecosystem (or “enteco” for simpler communication — pronounced however you desire — noting I like en-tee-co fwiw) is the fruit of my meticulous exercise.

An enteco basically combines the open source mentality with the organic growth from an artificial reef — a self-sustaining (obviously only when healthy) ecosystem where entertainment is the common medium both optionally professionally and otherwise.

The optimal flexibility of an enteco is truly wonderful for everyone.

Musical acts, movies, books, campaigns, social interactions, and so on can all be conveniently placed within an enteco — which is usually simply represented by a name, logo, and at least one basic guiding principle for coherency.

An enteco can be any size.

An enteco can contain any entertainment format or other exercise. For example, if music is all there is within an enteco, then all is still good.

An enteco can have any duration. It could be voluntarily terminated, die naturally, or ebb and flow like the tides.

An enteco can change due to evolutionary adaptation.

An enteco can be contained within another enteco. All Sines is a top-level enteco, for example, which contains a handful of other entecos representing at least my contribution to society during my lifetime.

An enteco can have more than one higher level enteco.

An enteco can be freely accessed, while an audience can leverage a centralized and simple financial reward system to strengthen or preserve it, but there are no rules necessary here (access procedure is purely optional, as determined by the enteco founder[s]).

A great example of an informal enteco is the Star Wars universe. Star Wars includes movies, television shows, books, fan contributions, and so massively onwards.

The greatest challenge involving an enteco is building and maintaining credibility.

Openness of an enteco is a strength and vulnerability, and a major purpose of an enteco is to improvingly reconcile that issue.

Abuse is the enemy of an enteco, just as abuse is the enemy of genuine civility.

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